I have to hand it to the Argentineans when it comes to cooking there beef. They don’t mess around. Combine culinary expertise with meals on a fly fishing guided trip and you have yourself a recipe for success. This last week and a half, Eric and I have been joining up up with Raul, Bill Marts from the Redding Fly Shop and four of his clients on a fly fishing trip throughout Los Alerces National Park. Every day we were treated to the best damn lunches we have ever had. On this particular day Raul fixed up his famous parillia aka riverside BBQ of the best cuts of meat found on the cow. With his made-from-scratch meal, he introduced us to a special Argentinean sauce called “Chimmychurry” Basically you mix 4 parts salt with 2 parts oregano, red pepper, four cloves of chopped up garlic, olive oil and water. Let it “ferment” for about 3-4 days and then apply it to beef on the grill after you have braized both sides. I have never known beef to taste so good. It beats the hell out of homemade sandwiches.



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  1. Large Marge
    Large Marge says:

    Oh yeah, well I just had a phabulous hamburger at In & Out Burger, with fries, and a vanilla milkshake. Bet they don’t have MILKSHAKES out there in the middle of the Argentinian wilderness?? So there, “eat” your heart out 😉

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