Eric and I returned to the belly of the beast and met up with a firefighting buddy of his named Taryn. She´s a really fun chica who laughs loud and full with her entire being and I think she will be a great addition for the next couple months of our trip. Our second time around in the country´s capital was a lot less daunting than the first. I think once you get past that intitial shock, things usually go a lot smoother. Now that we both had a little better grasp on the language and our bearings, we had a rejuvinated excitement about the place. We met up with Taryn at this great hostel called the El Sol right in the heart of the city. Were the first time in BA we were staying 45 minutes away in Tigre, this time we were in a third story hostel where the amount of people coming in and out increased dramatically. One of the benefits to this is a constant stream of information about things going on every night and numerous invitations to join people on their planned outings. This night we followed some friends out to a great tapas restaurant and then out for an evening of Tango dancing at a local hangout.

The Argentinean tango is known for being a beacon and great symbol of the local culture and, not surprisingly, it was the dance the Greener boys failed miserably at. This is not the kind of dance where you can´t just wing it like a box step. We arrived to watch the locals young and old make their way across the worn, wooded floor in the ellegance and grace that obviously took years of practice to perfect. The dance itself is lead by the man and he literally stears and suggests each movement to his partner and then she reacts off that. It is a beautiful union to watch on the dance floor. But being beginners in a sea of pros left us mostly on the sidelines to sip beer and study. I was intrigued to learn more about it.



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