Steelheading on the Klamath River

I just got back from a weekend fishing the Klamath River with my buddy Ryan Peterson, travel specialist at The Fly Shop. It was just gorgeous this time of year. The fall colors were really popping. I recently purchased a new Profoto AcuteB 600R power pack and lamp head and decided to test them out this weekend. Oh the possibilities. I think I am just scratching the surface with these images of the fly line ripping off the water. I was really pleased with the results. The best part of the trip was that I finally landed my first (small) steelhead. A long time coming. It was great to be back out on a river.

On a side note, I wanted to thank all of you for your votes and support of my work. The book voting end yesterday on the 9th of November. I really appreciate all of the feedback and comments you all posted. Alas, after getting around 265 votes I don’t think I reached enough to make it into the final round of the book judging but I was able to reconnect with many of you and meet some new friends in the process. I look at it as a challenge to improve for the next time. Thanks again everyone. Tight lines, -M

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5 Responses to “Steelheading on the Klamath River”

  1. Marcel Sijnesael says:

    Why does seeing Mike's photos always make me so happy? There is always that emotional touch in his shots. I don't know, it just strikes me. Thanks for doing that.

  2. thebigpull says:


  3. Mike Greener says:

    It is probably because I get to surround myself with such open, honest and genuine people such as yourselves that not only make me a better person but a better shooter.

  4. Rick Bonetti says:

    I was really thrilled to see your beautiful photos of the Kalamath fishing trip. Oh, the beauty of God's creation!

  5. John R Greener says:

    Take me with you sometime! Love, Dad