Spring Floating on the Smith River in central Montana

A few weeks ago I accompanied some Ski Patrol friends on a week fly fishing float trip down the infamous Smith River in Central Montana and managed to photograph a little bit along the way. The last time I floated it was over ten years ago…

Nova Cafe in Bozeman Montana Lifestyle Commercial Photography

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I was recently hired to document the happenings at the Nova Cafe, a popular breakfast restaurant in downtown Bozeman, Montana. Between documenting the culture and atmosphere of the diner, I also made professional business portraits of the awesome Nova boss lady Serena Rundberg and her partners.

Fly fishing Mongolia – The Adventure begins

In the Fall of 2015, as I was floating and fly fishing on the Madison River outside Bozeman, Montana with my fishing guide friend Mike Mansfield and the topic of an international fly fishing trip arose. It seemed like a no brainer idea. As…

Photographing Taco del Sol in Bozeman, Montana

Over the past year, I've been photographing the happenings of Taco del Sol taco shop in Bozeman, Montana. My good friends Marley and Matt have run the successful college town restaurant downtown for the past few years and they wanted a…

Photographing the 2016 National Green Latinos Summit in Grand Teton National Park

A few weeks back I got an assignment to photograph the 2016 National Green Latinos Summit held at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park. The three-day summit was a gathering of the top environmental non-for-profit administrators…

Fall Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

Fall in Montana and Wyoming has been exceptionally pretty this year. Perhaps it's the small number of rainstorms that have allowed the colors to linger on the trees longer. It might just be my favorite time of year. I've been venturing…
Land and Water conservation Fund Montana Mountain Mamas 01

Renewal of the Land and Water Conservation Fund - Photographing the Montana Ad Campaign

I recently photographed a statewide campaign in Montana which aims to bring public awareness to renew The Land and Water Conservation Fund. Created by Congress in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was a bipartisan…

Fin - My last days as a Bozeman Daily Chronicle staff photographer

Well, the changing tides of the media world reached us here yet again in Bozeman, Montana.

5th Annual Montana State University Cat Walk in downtown Bozeman Montana

Some favorite photos from the 5th Annual Montana State University Cat Walk in downtown Bozeman Montana I photographed for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.