Well the final hours of my last day as a Daily Republic staff photographer have come and gone. I’ve had a great 3 1/2 year run covering the Solano County community here near the San Francisco Bay Area. I did a lot of growth here as a shooter and now I look to the horizon towards my new staff photographer gig at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle working in the mountainous paradise of Bozeman, Montana. Four words: Epic Fly Fishing Country! I’m pretty excited about it. Montana is where I began my journalism career and I’m looking forward to returning to it with lots of experience under my belt and excitement to document the culture that I love so much. I’m already thinking of some great story ideas to tackle out there. Here’s to new beginnings! -Greener

I spent the better part of this week covering all of the happenings of the Solano County Fair festivities. Not the busiest fair I’ve attended in my career. I’d imagine that the organizers were frustrated about it too especially when they are competing against a Six Flags roller coaster park across the street. For my money the Ferris wheel just can’t deliver. Still, for the few kids that did attend you could tell they were enjoying themselves. Like most fairs around this country, we had the 4-H livestock competitions. I was never in these events as a kid but watching them now it is pretty fun to watch the kids and their reactions during the events. You can tell that each has put in a lot of work to get here and they all take it quite seriously. Separate from the 4-H events, I stumbled upon a new event of pig racing. They were pure comedy. An uplifting end to what has been a very long and hot week here in California.

One of the nice things about working at a newspaper is that the assignments tend to be very random. This past couple of days definately fit into that mantra. It started off with a story on a women’s whale boat rowing team. These women were training in the Bay for an upcoming race paddling 80-year-old whaling boats with massive oars. They were pretty intense and a lot of fun to shoot. Grunts and all. From there I ended up shooting some portraits of retiring teachers/coaches and a preview picture for the upcoming Wizard of Oz musical opening up this weekend in Fairfield. Baseball season is in full swing. Top off the list with a wine ‘n’ dine, an airforce spouse home makeover and a kids fishing derby. Never a dull moment in the news biz. Things are going well. -M